Italian Designer Creates Solar Floating Resort Concept

By Paul Joseph

Italian industrial designer Michele Puzzolante has created a conceptual floating luxury hotel suite that he claims could be entirely self-powering.

Powered entirely by non-polluting solar photovoltaic panels that envelope the structure like a skin, the disc-like floating structure is built to house six, and features an underwater viewing chamber described as an “observation bulb”.

The resort connects an upper deck to the underwater room encased in a thick glass through a winding staircase, where guests can enjoy a 360-degree view of the surrounding aquatic life, whilst there are a series of spot lights that circle the chamber for night-time viewing.

Up at sea-level, guests are free to roam the expanse of the watercraft, including a six-person jacuzzi.

The resort’s ultra high-tech design process is said to make use of materials and manufacturing techniques currently being used in the naval and automobile industries, that would enable the entire structure to be put together in a matter of weeks.

By Paul Joseph