Jacob and Co. Unveil New Astronomia Tourbillion

By Paul Joseph

Renowned American jeweller and watchmaker Jacob & Co. used the recent Baselworld watch fair in Switzerland to unveil its latest radically daring timepiece.

A new variant of the brand’s famed Astronomia Tourbillions, the Astronomia Sky Celestial Panorama Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillion has been billed as housing “the mother of all complications”.

These complications surpass those of previous editions by including a brand new sidereal display in 3D, an oval indicator and 24-hour day and night display. The sidereal display cloaks the surface of the case and synchronizes with the actual time taken by the earth to rotate around the sun.

This motion is captured on a grade 5 18-karat gold star-studded titanium dial, which also accommodates hand-crafted zodiac signs. The oval sky indicator displays the portion of stars visible from the Northern Hemisphere and completes a full rotation in a single sidereal day. Day and night is indicated by a rotating lacquered hand-engraved titanium globe.

The triple axis gravitational tourbillion is one of the four satellite arms that rotate in continuous time intervals, painting a different picture each time you look at the watch. It is accompanied by another satellite that indicates the hours and minutes and an Orbital second hand.

The fourth satellite is hand indicates the patented Jacob Cut red moon, which appears to be an orange sphere sapphire. The time can be set with the help of a pair of bows – one for setting the time and the other to control the mechanical movements.

Founded by Jacob Arabo in 1986, Jacob & Co. has grown to become one of the world’s most renowned jewellers and watchmakers for men and women.

By Paul Joseph