Jacob & Co’s Astronomia Meteorite Timepiece Arrives with a Bang

By Paul Joseph

The watch world often uses the extremities of nature as an inspiration for its designs, and the latest to do just that is renowned American jewellery house Jacob & Co.

The brand has created an eye-catching new limited edition timepiece called the Astronomia Meteorite that is inspired by the phenomenon of giant meteorites that soar through the sky with a brilliant light before crashing into earth.

In honour of these remarkable natural wonders, the watch replicates all of this shine and brilliance through its use of 357 triangular cut diamonds.

The 18-karat White Gold is set with 124 Triangle-cut White Diamonds (amounting to around 14 ct.) and the curved sapphire crystal allows a closer look at the complex and detailed movement inside - the in-house Manual Winding JCAM10.

With 365 components and a power reserve of 60-Hours the watch boasts a Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon rotating on 3 axes; the first in 60 seconds, the second in 5 minutes and the third in 20 minutes.

Along with hour and minute functions, the watch features a Faceted Spherical Blue Sapphire that rotates in 60 sec on 2 axes as well as a Lacquered Globe Rotating in 60sec on 2 axes.

The Astronomia Meteorite by Jacob & Co is limited to just 18 individually numbered pieces, with pricing available on request.

By Paul Joseph