Jaguar’s Iconic E-Type Gets Electric Refit

By Paul Joseph

The Jaguar E-Type is one of the world’s most iconic motor cars, steeped in history and highly sought after by almost every classic car enthusiast on the planet.

Now one of the legendary models, a 1968 Series 1.5 Jaguar E-Type Roadster, has been fully restored and refitted with a truly modern component – an electric drivetrain.

Named E-type Zero, the one-off car recently made its public debut as part of Jaguar’s Tech Fest, and grabbed plenty of attention at the event.

Tim Hannig, chief of Jaguar Land Rover Classic, says that the company’s “aim with the E-type Zero is to future-proof classic car ownership.”

“We’re looking forward to the reaction of our clients as we investigate bringing this concept to market,” he adds.

A 220 kW electric powertrain features a number of components borrowed from the upcoming Jaguar I-Pace. It is powered by a 40 kWh battery and is said to have a range of around 170 miles, and can be fully recharged in six to seven hours.

In terms of performance stats, the E-type Zero can go from 0 to 62 mph in just 5.5 seconds, which is faster than the original Series 1 E-Type, though the top speed has not yet been confirmed.

Almost the entire car looks identical to the original except for the LED headlights and digital instrument cluster.

The original Jaguar E-Type was manufactured between 1961 and 1975.

By Paul Joseph