Jeep Launch Luxury Off-Roading E-Bike

By Paul Joseph

Jeep has become the latest in a growing line of car makers to enter the ever-expanding electric bike sector.

The American brand teased its upcoming e-bike through a Super Bowl advertisment inspired by the iconic movie 'Groundhog Day'.

Although the comedic commercial, in which Bill Murray reprises his role from the 1993 hit movie, has been created for the Jeep Gladiator pickup truck, the Jeep electric bicycle makes a short cameo without revealing much by way of details.

Much like other automakers that have released e-bikes in the last few years, Jeep has also collaborated with an e-bike manufacturer for this project – the all-terrain electric bike maker QuietKat.

While Jeep continue to be tight-lipped, Quietkat have revealed several details about the upcoming bike on its official website, including confirmation that it features a 750-watt motor and is capable of achieving 40 miles of range on a single charge.

However, a close look at the video reveals that the bike in the commercial is powered by a motor built by Chinese company Bafang that puts out a peak power of 1600 W with a standard 52V e-bike battery.

Jeep are expected to officially reveal the bike’s full specs this spring before it launches in June.

By Paul Joseph