Kaelo ‘Iceless’ Ice Bucket to Transform Champagne Experience

By Christina Tsangaris

Kaelo revolutionises the ritual of champagne, fine wine and high end consumption with a newly designed ‘iceless’ ice bucket which creates the perfect drinking and serving experience. One touch of the mirror polished bezel activates this hand-built device instantly to create an ice-cold chamber that keeps a bottle perfectly chilled for an evening of indulgence.

Serving could not be easier, with the bottle kept dry so that it can be poured directly out of a Kaelo. Adding further to its allure, as connoisseurs of life savour their optimally chilled fine wine or spirit, a subtle halo of light from the Kaelo bathes the bottle in soft illumination.

Classic or modern spaces that feature a Kaelo benefit immediately from offering the most advanced method of serving a bottle. By eliminating the need to use ice cubes and ice buckets, issues with condensation and using serving cloths to dry dripping water, the Kaelo offers an immediate service that anyone in the moment will appreciate. Unlike an ice bucket, a Kaelo maintains a consistently cold and dry environment for a bottle and will therefore not over-chill and numb the subtle flavours of fine wines.

Nor will the bottle become warm and above the recommended serving temperature. Kaelo’s innovative design and performance has been perfected to ensure it is powerful enough to work immediately, yet its energy efficiency means that it consumes less power than a 60w light bulb. The Kaelo’s chamber has been made to fit various bottle sizes right up to a Krug champagne bottle. Installation can be as simple as lowering a Kaelo in to a hole specified in to a worktop and its compact size (the same length as an A4 piece of paper) means little space is taken under the counter.

This simple and practical luxury device was developed and refined over several years by Kevin Jabou, Kaelo’s Founder and Managing Director.

“There had to be a better solution for the modern world. Ice buckets are over 200 years old and have common nuisances that everyone has to tolerate. The ice age is finally over.”

Hand built in Oxford, England, the Kaelo is a true ambassador of British engineering. Made from high grade materials, every component is precision machined from a solid block to ensure highest calibre performance. The device employs a patented ‘Kryolux’ technology which cools the Kaelo chamber down within minutes. Bespoke options are available to match other fixtures and fittings.

The Kaelo can be experienced in select high-end public and private venues, and is available through a network of leading designers. Other environments that will feature the Kaelo include luxury homes, members’ clubs, executive boxes, 5* hotels, yachts and private jets.

By Christina Tsangaris