La Prairie and Baccarat Launch “Caviar Spectaculaire”

By Paul Joseph

Luxury cosmetics brand La Prairie has teamed up with fine crystal makers Baccarat to create a limited edition Skin Caviar Luxe Cream housed within an exquisite crystal jar.

Called ‘Caviar Spectaculaire’, the product is said to boast numerous anti-aging properties, including nourishing lifting and firming the skin.

The customized jar canbe removed and the handcrafted crystal, whose design is based on Baccarat’s famous Harcourt 1841 glass, can be used as a caviar server. Connecting the serving bowl and the foot is a cobalt blue cabochon, the signature colour of La Prairie.

Only 1,500 “Caviar Spectaculaire,” with 940g of Baccarat crystal for the bowl and 75ml of cream in the jar, will be made.

The product is to officially launch in September and will be available exclusively at the La Prairie store in Paris, before reaching the brand’s other stores around the world the following month.

Each jar of Caviar Spectaculaire will be priced at €1,860.

By Paul Joseph