Liang & Rudolf Jewellers Launch Debut Collection

By Paul Joseph

Inspired by the legacy of their grandfathers, two artists have created a new jewellery brand specialising in fine jewels made exclusively with gold and pearls

British-Thai Photographer, Cattleya Jaruthavee and her Commercial Film Director husband, Sereeroj Jayaphorn have created Liang & Rudolf which weaves the heritage of two great figures in the history of jewellery, creating a new generation of luxury.

Liang Wee was a Master Goldsmith, of Hainanese descent, famous in Thailand for his traditionally intricate, one of a kind designs while Rudolf Voll was of German descent and famous in Japan for his meticulous eye in the selection of pearls.

“We wanted to continue their legacy,” say the founders. “They were pioneers of their time, so it felt right to bring their passion, dedication and craft into our generation.”

Liang & Rudolf specialise exclusively in 18-karat gold and the finest Akoya Pearls, bringing forth timeless modern classics for everyday wear. Symmetry and simplicity are a strong part of the brand’s ethos.

Their classic collection, ‘Hex’ is inspired by the shape of a traditional gold hallmark, complimenting an Akoya pearl, which sits in the middle.

Liang & Rudolf’s pearls are carefully hand selected from Japan’s best pearl suppliers, using only the highest quality Akoya and South Sea pearls. Working with the finest goldsmiths, every piece of Liang & Rudolf jewellery is carefully checked to the utmost detail. 

By Paul Joseph