Liber Pater to Launch World’s Most Expensive Wine

By Paul Joseph

Bordeaux producer Liber Pater has unveiled its 2015 batch of exclusive wines, which are expected to become the world’s most expensive wines when they hit the shelves.

Located in Graves, the boutique French producer is said to have produced just 550 bottles of its vintage wine to date.

Only 240 of them will be released this year - in September - with each export market set to receive a maximum allocation of 18 bottles, priced at a cool $34,110 per bottle.

The wine is made using indigenous Bordeaux varieties, including Castets, Tarney-Coulant, and Pardotte, all grown on un-grafted vines. The produce is further vinified in amphorae, before being bottled for sale.

Speaking about the wine, Liber Pater founder Loïc Pasquet said, “2015 will be the first vintage made from entirely autochthonous grapes from un-grafted vines; it is produced as wine was before phylloxera,”

Liber Pater’s limited production and unique positioning make the producer’s elusive bottles some of the most sought-after on the wine market.

By Paul Joseph