Linde Werdelin to Launch new Timepiece at BaselWorld

By Paul Joseph

Linde Werdelin, specialist makers of mechanical timepieces with attachable digital sports instruments for diving and free skiing, is to launch a new timepiece at BaselWorld 2012 in Switzerland next month.

The Oktopus II—Double Date is billed as the brand’s interpretation of what the ideal timepiece should be for modern diving. It features an innovative five-part case construction ensuring absolute water resistance as well as excellent protection against seawater corrosion.

“To guarantee this we have chosen anti-corrosive materials such as gold, titanium and ceramic, the last employed for the first time on our timepieces,” says Morten Linde,
co-founder and creative director at Linde Werdelin, which was founded in 2002.

The timepiece was inspired by the air-tight pressure chamber used for simulations when testing two previous Linde Werdelin watches – the Oktopus II and the Reef.

“Having completed the development and testing of the Reef in 2010 we had the opportunity to reconsider what our interpretation of a dive watch and instrument could be and we set about reconstructing the Oktopus”, says Jorn Werdelin, co-founder of Linde Werdelin.

The watch will be available in three versions: in titanium and ceramic (£6,186), in titanium, titanium DLC and ceramic with yellow accents in the dial (£6,607), and in rose gold and titanium (£13,000).

BaselWorld 2012 will take place in Basel, Switzerland between March 8 – 15.

By Paul Joseph