Linley Jewellery Box Inspired by the Duomo of Siena

By Paul Joseph

Since the company’s foundation in 1985, British furniture makers Linley have often been inspired by architecture from around the world.

Their latest creation, a striking jewellery box made from sycamore wood, joins this distinguished line of pieces by taking its inspiration from one of Italy’s most beautiful cathedrals.

The Siena Jewellery Box features the same striped pattern that adorns the interior of the Duomo of Siena, a magnificent example of medieval architecture believed to have been completed between 1215 and 1263.

Furthermore, the cathedral’s eye-catching decorative floor features scenes created using a technique of inlaying coloured marble into slabs of white marble in a manner similar to marquetry, the intricate skill for which Linley is renowned.

Other notable features of the jewellery box include a lid with a slip-matched pattern using sixty individual pieces of bleached sycamore veneer and crowned by an oval shaped sterling silver plaque, ideal for engraving with a name, date, initials or personalised message.

The box opens to reveal glass mirrors, angled so that jewellery can be admired from different views, while the interior is a myriad of compartments and drawers that swing and pull out, each one lined in pale grey faux suede and individually designed for storing different types of jewellery, watches and trinkets.

The piece is elevated from the table top by a simple nickel frame that mirrors the nickel stringing on the lid. It is finished with delicate nickel handles inlaid with labradorite stones.

The Siena Jewellery Box is priced at £9,500.

By Paul Joseph