Linley’s Aston Chair Delivers Comfort of an Aston Martin Car Seat

By Paul Joseph

The Aston Chair by Linley is designed to replicate both the shape and comfort of an Aston Martin car seat.

First launched in 2002, the chair has become one of the most popular pieces of Linley furniture, and is available in a range of fabrics including leather, silk and cotton.

When upholstered in leather, the insert and back of the seat are perforated to enable the skin to breathe in the same manner as a leather car seat.

A ladies version of the chair – the Astonette – is available with slightly reduced proportions, as well as a corresponding footstool for each size. Both versions stand on walnut legs.

The Aston chair retails from £2,950, whilst the footstool can be purchased for £950.

In 2009, Linley founder David Linley announced that the company had made a mini Aston chair for children.

By Paul Joseph