Loewe Television Set a Masterclass in Minimalism

By Paul Joseph

German luxury television maker Loewe has unveiled its latest impressive model, the bild 9, billed as bringing a new dimension to the world of visual entertainment in the home.

Challenging the manner in which a traditional TV features in our domestic living spaces, the bild 9 represents a radical and minimalist new aesthetic, creating a dramatic focal point for a room.

Crafted with renowned London-based designer Bodo Sperlein, it draws inspiration from the ‘Roaring Twenties’, Bauhaus and Art Deco glamour, blending traditional geometric shapes and materials with state-of-the-art 21st century technology. The end result is a unique, sculptural television with an almost ‘floating’ quality.

The striking solid steel frame is available in two finishes – Amber Gold and Graphite Grey – shades which have both been carefully selected to form a harmonious contrast with Loewe’s futuristic, ultra slim OLED screen.

At just 7mm thick, this is slimmer than most smartphones. All wires feed through the bild 9’s frame while a fabric cover conceals the connections and cables on the back for 360 degree perfection.

Mark Hüsges, CEO of Loewe, says: "Bodo Sperlein's design bears his personal signature and impressively conveys Loewe's new zeitgeist, combining exceptional design with technical sophistication and clearly demonstrating that home entertainment can be an aesthetic element of interior design.

“The extremely slim display, concealing cutting-edge OLED technology, together with the streamlined and elaborately hand-forged steel frame – for me, this is the very essence of a television."

The bild 9 is available in two sizes, 55” and 65” with a choice of two colours; Amber Gold or Graphite Grey, with a choice of either wall-mount, table-stand floor-stand designs. Prices start from £6,990.

By Paul Joseph