Loic Biver of Hublot on Entering New Markets

By Paul Joseph

More than any other brand, Hublot stand as proof that heritage is not everything. In a world where many watch makers boast histories dating back 150 years or more, the Swiss brand have carved out an impressive niche as a modern manufacturer of stunning, high performance timepieces.

Their next task, however, could be their toughest yet: capturing the potentially highly lucrative but still embryonic market of Chinese luxury watch buyers. They may Western watch connoisseurs inside out, but the Chinese remain – relatively speaking, at least – an unknown quantity.

It was with this thirst for knowledge and insight into the Chinese market that Hublot arrived at the Hainan Rendezvous in Sanya. Already boasting a substantial presence in the country, Hublot hopes the prestigious show, and the attendance of thousands of high net worth individuals, will raise their profile even further.

We sat down with Loic Biver, Brand Director for Hublot China, during the show to find out how successful the company have been so far in reaching Chinese luxury consumers, the specific Hublot values that he thinks appeal to them, and the challenges involved in being a young company in a field where so much importance is placed on heritage.

You can watch the full video interview with Loic Biver above this article.

By Paul Joseph