London Concours to Host Lamborghini Miura Display

By Paul Joseph

The 2019 edition of London Concours, which takes place in June, is to feature a show-stopping gathering of iconic Lamborghini Miuras.

Once the world’s fastest production cars, and hailed as one of the greatest automotive designs of all time, as many as eight examples will be on display at this year’s London Concours.

In A forthcoming  book on the model, the Italian supercar is celebrated as the one that set the template for almost every great automotive performance icon since. First revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966, its revolutionary rear mid-engined layout quickly became de rigueur for the many supercars that followed. 

As if that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate the Miura, this year marks 50 years since the premiere of the famous movie The Italian Job, and although the Minis secured their place in pop culture history, it was the Miura in the opening scene that captured the imagination of petrolheads the world over.

That particular car was finished in lurid Arancia Miura, and the London Concours will bring together a collection of up to eight variants – including one in Arancia Miura - showcasing the gamut of outlandish shades offered by the factory.

Andrew Evans, London Concours Director, said: “If any single model deserves to be celebrated at the London Concours, it’s the Lamborghini Miura. Not only is it a silver screen star, but it was the posterchild for a generation and arguably the provided the spark for the whole supercar scene as we know it."

In total, nearly 100 automotive greats of all eras will be on display on the idyllic lawns of the Honourable Artillery Company HQ when the London Concours rolls into town from 5-6 June.

Curated across seven distinct classes, including ‘The Icons’ and ‘The Innovators’, London Concours is billed as the ultimate automotive summer garden party.

By Paul Joseph