Louis Vuitton to Launch $2,500 Luxury Jenga Set

By Paul Joseph

The much-loved game of Jenga played a big part in most of our childhoods and now there’s the chance to enjoy a more lavish variation of the classic wooden block-themed pastime.

Legendary French brand Louis Vuitton have launched a luxurious – and entirely unlicensed – Jenga Set that includes 54 plexiglass cubes that replace the traditional wooden ones, each inscribed with the LV logo.

The Louis Vuitton Jenga set was unveiled after the much-awaited second menswear collection from Abloh was presented on 17 January in Paris before an impressive front-row lineup that included Oscar-nominated actor Timothee Chalamet, model Naomi Campbell, rapper Offset, and singer-songwriter Frank Ocean.

It is said to be part of Louis Vuitton’s efforts to establish its name outside of the fashion world. Just recently, the brand released a collection of wireless earphones, already seen worn by a number of celebrities.

Louis Vuitton are not the first brand to try their hand at selling luxury versions of classic games. The $68,300 Hermes Foosball Table and the $1,050 Hermes Dice Game Set are just two other examples of recent times.

The Louis Vuitton Jenga Set is not yet released, but will be priced at $2,500.

By Paul Joseph