Louis Vuitton to Open its Debut Restaurant in Japan

By Paul Joseph

Following the recent debut of the Blue Box Café in Harrods by American jewellery icons Tiffany & Co, the latest luxury brand to venture into the realm of high-end cuisine is Louis Vuitton.

The legendary French fashion house is to make its entrance into the hospitality sector with the opening of its first ever restaurant, to be located in the Japanese city of Osaka.

Set to be housed in Louis Vuitton’s new flagship boutique, ‘Le Café V’ will be situated on the top floor of the four-level Osaka Maison.

It will feature a menu by celebrated Japanese chef Yosuke Suga and will serve dinner to a handful of select guests via an open kitchen mirroring the Tokyo branch of Sugalabo. The grand space will also house an adjoining bar and a large terrace.

The opening of the restaurant was confirmed by Louis Vuitton Chairman and CEO, Michael Burke, who hinted that eateries and even hotels could be a future expansion avenue for LVMH, the luxury conglomerate that owns Louis Vuitton.

The restaurant will begin operations on 15 February, two weeks after the opening of the flagship boutique.

By Paul Joseph