Luxury in Precious Metals

By A. Frisby

It's the little things that add to the pleasure of life. From golden mobile phones to bespoke jewellery, here are some charming adornments and gadgetry that make every day life a little less ordinary.

Solid Gold iPhone
From Stuart Hughes, the authority in luxury gadgets such as the diamond encrusted iPhone and solid gold iPad, comes the solid gold iPhone. At £21,995, it is a steal considering the £130,000 solid gold iPad. Designed with luxury in mind, the Stuart Hughes website states:

"This beautiful handset took weeks of detailed intricate work to re-create the original chassis of the iPhone in solid gold all of which was started and finished by hand, also a full gold dressing for the rear section. This masterpiece boasts a massive circa of 150 grams of 24ct gold. The result was outstanding even down to the precise polishing to reveal its most beautiful harmonious appearance. The handset is 32 GB; factory (legal) unlocked for worldwide use and can be updated with new firmware when available without freezing up. Also included is a luxurious hand finished wallet made from real Ostrich foot. As well as the wallets slim and unique design it also offers functionality in holding up to 4 credit cards."

For the man or woman looking for the ultimate tailor-made luxury mobile phone, the 24-ct solid gold iPhone is a must.

The Toby Russell Curved Twist Vase
Asprey London offers the limited edition silver collection from Toby Russell. Featuring the 'Curved Twist Vase', Asprey provides nothing but absolute luxury in interior furnishings. The delicate combination of silver and artistry transforms into a breathtaking piece to be enjoyed by a select few.

Asprey describes the 'Curved Twist Vase’ and Russell’s handiwork:

"Toby Russell's pieces transform flat silver sheets into structural fluid forms. His methods remain traditional, folding and condensing by hand in order to achieve simplicity without superficial embellishment, which ultimately creates an expression of balance. Russell skilfully manages to create a sense of movement on the highly reflective surface."

Beautiful, unique, and stunning in appearance, the ‘Curved Twist Vase’ retails for £22,000, and is only available by appointment.

Harry Winston Jewellery
Last on the list, but never to be discounted is the acclaimed jewellery by Harry Winston. Worn by the rich and famous, Harry Winston creations are known throughout the world for their beauty and uniqueness.

The 'Traffic' necklace from Harry Winston features 96 round brilliant and baguette diamonds, with a total weight of 11.61 carats in a platinum setting. The piece retails for $78,000.

To compliment the necklace, the 'Traffic' collection also has earrings to match. With 20 round brilliant baguette diamonds weighing 2.82 carats, the $23,000 pair of ravishing, sparkling diamond earrings are worth every penny.

These masterpieces comprised of silver, gold, platinum and diamond are uniquely precious. Crafted with care and passion, all of these products feature designs exuding luxury and pleasure for the owner.

By A. Frisby