Luxury London Hotel Gets Jaguar-Themed Suite

By P. Joseph

Fans of Jaguar, the luxury British car marquee, may want to check into one of London’s most prestigious hotels next month when it becomes home to the city’s first Jaguar-themed suite.

The unique accommodation will open at 51 Buckingham Gate Taj Suites and Residences in Central London, and will be kitted out in an array of Jaguar-inspired design features, including artwork and materials taken directly from Jaguar cars.

The concept is part of a collaboration between Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces and Jaguar, who are both owned by the same company, TATA.

Overseen by Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum and his in-house design team, the 1,832 square foot, two-bedroom suite features specially-commissioned auto-inspired artwork and displays, authentic Jaguar materials such as leather, metal and high gloss veneer, and custom-made Jaguar wallpaper.

The Jaguar experience begins at the entrance to the suite, with sleek wood panelling greeting guests on arrival and Jaguar damask lining the bedroom walls. In the main area, a minimalistic clean-fuel fireplace offers a nod to the shape of the brand’s hallmark rear window. Small Jaguar wave motifs and Jaguar trapeze detailing accompany an array of collector’s items that adorn the suite.

51 Buckingham Gate isn't the only London hotel that has tried to attract car enthusiasts in such a way. The Bentley Room at Mosimann's in Belgrave Square has been decorated with photographs of the iconic British car.

By P. Joseph