Luxury Undersea Eco-Resort to be Built in Fiji

By Paul Joseph

Poseidon Undersea Resorts are at the forefront of plans to build the world’s first luxury sea floor eco resort at a private island in Fiji.

Comprising 25 suites, the ultra-high end resort will be positioned in 40 feet of water and connected to land via two piers. Special underwater elevators will transport guests from land to resort.

Guests will also be given the chance to pilot one of four 3-passenger submarines in the area’s pristine 5,000 acre lagoon.

In terms of amenities, the resort will feature those found in more conventional hotel residences, including a restaurant, a bar/lounge, a library, and a spa. Other notable facilities will include a conference room, a wedding chapel and a theatre.

According to the plans, as well as the underwater components of the resort, there will also be an on-island complex, featuring 51 luxury units, including 24 beachside bungalows with private splash pool and courtyard, and 26 over-water bungalows on a lagoon.

A reception building, five restaurants and six bars, two swimming pools, tennis courts, a dive ship, luxury spa, fitness centre, and 9-hole golf course will complete the stunning resort.

According to Poseidon Undersea Resorts, the company is currently working to secure the capital required to begin construction. Once funding is secured, project completion is expected to take approximately two years.

By Paul Joseph