Macallan Launches $50,000 ‘Golden Age of Travel’ Whiskey

By Paul Joseph

The Macallan’s ultra-exclusive Golden Age of Travel series has taken the whiskey world by storm – and now the famous Scottish distillery has unveiled its final lavish edition.

Following in the footsteps of decadent crystal decanters modelled after a cruise liner, airplane, steam train and a motorcar, all created in association with French crystal maker Lalique. The Macallan has now completed the series with the launch of the ‘The Air Ship’.

Containing whiskey distilled in 1940, the single malt spirit is presented in a crystal decanter shaped like a traveling flask that features a drawing of the first civil air transportation machine.

Its cork comes with the ‘Wind Rose’ symbol from the 1930s and the bottle itself is presented in a premium leather box that resembles a classic 1930s travel trunk.

The whiskey is limited to all of 48 decanters and features notes of smoked oak with elements of opulent dark chocolate and orange, with just a hint of sweet ginger.

Speaking about The Air Ship edition, Polly Logan, whiskey maker at The Macallan, said: “The Macallan 1940 is an exceptional liquid that is a testament to the golden age of travel, and the period of glamour and style it represents.

“The first reveal of the character of the whisky comes through the antique oak colour, and on the nose an atmospheric smoked oak with a richness of orange oil and dried fruits, exquisitely balanced with a beautifully light floral note of spring blossom.

“The finish is long and lingering, like the memories of the passengers that traveled during this era, reliving the experience in all its glory.”

The Air Ship is currently available at The Macallan boutiques around the world, each priced at $50,000.

By Paul Joseph