Making Luxury Covid-19 Secure with MarBella Corfu


The sumptuous MarBella Corfu, one of the three MarBella Collection hotels on the beautiful Ionian Sea, have exquisitely created an otherworldly experience, adapted for you in mind. Blending superb Greek hospitality with outstanding luxury, MarBella Corfu is implementing a range of adaptations to ensure a COVID-19 secure environment for guests to enjoy...

MarBella Corfu Hotel is where all the family are welcomed into unspoiled beauty and sun-soaked surroundings home to the island’s stunning south-east coast. Boasting a breathtaking beachside setting, the much-loved five-star hotel lies across sophisticated landscaped gardens offering awe-inspiring views over the glistening Ionian Sea. 

However, following the effect of COVID-19, the hotel is driven to take a series of important steps to ensure a safe and secure environment while not compensating for the impeccable five-star-experience for its guests. Below are the prevention and protection methods of the hotel tailoring a safe and secure experience for its visitors...

Putting Guests First
Welcoming you back to this gateway of Ionian glory, MarBella Corfu will be implementing a survey for future guests to complete. It will be asking what they are comfortable with in order to ensure these new measures do not detract from the ultra-luxurious experience, while also ensuring guests feel secure and comfortable along the way. All staff within the hotel will also be provided with training from a certified external organisation, ensuring they are in best stead to take on the upcoming measures post COVID-19.  This survey allowing the hotel to understand some of the requirements guests may have during their experience, as they continue to adapt to the new circumstances surrounding COVID-19.

Digital Concierge 
Going digital with their savvy hotel app, MarBella Corfu will be offering additional services to enrich the contactless experience, ensuring less face-time with members of the hotel, while also creating a truly seamless interaction for guests to enjoy. Whether a cocktail on tap, dry-cleaning requests, or even an exquisite selection of additional services, the app will allow its guests to have an array of experiences all at their very fingertips, with the ease of technology enabling them to have a flawlessly smooth stay in every possible way.

A Culinary Cornucopia
Greece is known for an exceptional dining experience combining fresh local produce with a contemporary twist. MarBella Corfu is no exception. Offering a tantalising selection of dishes through an array of menus, it invites its guests palates on a culinary adventure across the Mediterranean and beyond. With such a mouthwatering pick of eclectic delicacies with guests eager to enjoy, the hotel will be adapting by changing from a buffet to a la carte service, making the gastronomic experience for guests both secure and equally as delicious. 

Safe Play for Kids Clubs & Family Services
Following the Worldwide Kids guidelines on kids clubs & family services, the hotel will continue to deliver their range of kids clubs and services with updated adaptations. From the UK-standard Creche to Splash Pool and activities such as Pottery and Ceramics, each activity and service will abide by these specific guidelines to ensure a safe and secure experience for kids to enjoy. With safety a priority for the luxury hotel, guests can expect the highest standards in creating a COVID-19 friendly environment. 

The Suite Life Reinvented
At first arrival, their beautiful, spacious rooms and suites invite you into a luscious gateway into tranquility and indulgence. Offering a serene and inviting ambience for all its guests, its selection of views are truly astounding. From a sparkling sea view boasting ocean vistas to manicured gardens and whirlpools, each morning you are greeted by the visual drama of Grecian paradise. The added bonus? The hotel will be offering private in-room dining with no extra charge ensuring a private, secure environment to enjoy a selection of delicacies from your suite. 

Ultra-Secure Space
Going the extra mile, the MarBella Corfu will be offering a highly secure environment with the installation of thermal cameras to monitor staff and suppliers coming in and out of the hotels. This will allow a tighter grip on monitoring the number of members within the hotel at any given time, in order to ensure a secure, supervised environment that is as safe as possible for guests during their stay.

Redesigning Paradise
Amending the design of the hotel layout, MarBella Corfu will be reimagined to encourage a distance of 2-metres across its space reflecting the hotel's committed approach to ensuring the safest possible interaction across its quarters. Encouraging guests and members of staff to practice social distancing, this step will ensure that guests can feel relaxed and secure across the hotel, as appropriate measures take place across the hotel.

From the hotel's shimmering beaches to plunge-worthy pools, and an enviable destination backdrop of Ionian beauty,  this luxury hotel is gearing up to welcome you back safely to its heavenly abode, with you in mind every step of the way.