Making Waves with the Superyacht Toys of Next Wave

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

On the second day of the China Rendez-Vouz we were lucky enough to catch up with Raymond Sze from Next Wave Yachting. Aside from a nail-biting demonstration of the JetSurf water-toy by Raymond himself, we also discussed the growing Chinese Market and the innovative range of adrenalin fuelled experiences the brand represent.

Despite conflicting opinions about the current state of the demand for yachting and it’s accompanying lifestyle within the Asian and Chinese markets, Sze provided a concise response;

“Three years ago when we just started in this market we only had 10 people who enjoyed it but today there are over 300 people already who enjoy it so it grows very, very fast and china is a very, very big market.”

“At the beginning the people just spent the money, very rich people bought water toys but at this moment most of our clients use it as a hobby they enjoy the life because Next Wave can breathe a lot of happiness to their daily life so I can see their lifestyle totally change.”

On the success of the China Rendez-Vouz, Next Wave promoted a clearly positive message; “(The Show) Is very important. One of the main sources of our customer is from Boat Shows and I think this one in Hainan is the best in China and that’s why we come here every year.”

By Rose-Hannah Lishman