Marine Mono Supercar Built for Yacht Owners

By Paul Joseph

A British sports car manufacturer has designed an innovative supercar tailored to be stored on luxury yachts.

Liverpool-based Briggs Automotive Company created the concept by tweaking its existing model – the Mono, which launched in 2011 – and making it optimised for life at sea.

The result is the Marine Mono, a single-seat supercar that boasts a rust-resistant finish and electronics that are protected from the corrosion inflicted by moisture and salty air. Furthermore, the car’s roll hoop accepts a strap, enabling it to be loaded and unloaded easily.

According to its creator Ian Briggs, the ultra-lightweight Marine Mono would make the ultimate superyacht toy. “You could unload a couple of Marine Monos,” Briggs says. “You and your pal go for a blast around the Monte Carlo rally stages and head all the way up into the mountains.”

“Everything that makes it a good driver’s car makes it suitable to be the ultimate luxury automotive toy for a yacht,”

Notable technical features would include a 280-horsepower four-cylinder engine and F1-derived pushrod suspension.

Like the standard Mono, the Marine would come with an array of personalised luxuries, including a choice of colour schemes and a steering wheel and seat molded to fit the owner’s vital statistics.

The standard Mono can hit 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 170 mph. Pricing starts at $195,000.

By Paul Joseph