Mark Wilson On NetJets’ Role As The Founding Father of Private Aviation

By Paul Joseph

In the notoriously competitive world of private aviation, NetJets have carved out a reputation that sets them apart from the bustling crowd.

Boasting its own fleet of aircraft, the company is able to retain absolute control over its inventory - a trait that it uses to meet the demands of its global database of clients, or 'Owners', as they are known within the NetJets lexicon. 

We sat down with Mark Wilson, President and COO of NetJets Europe, on the second day of the Monaco Yacht Show to ask him about what sets Netjets apart from its competitors, the evolving relationship between superyachts and private aviation, and the challenges of serving the modern day jet traveller.

“NetJets is really the founder, if you trace our company history back, of the private aviation industry,” he began. “We’ve been in existence for over 50 years and throughout that time we’ve managed to have a lot of learning and we’ve made sure we work very hard to continue to improve in everything that we do.

“We’re by far the largest of all the private jet operators and that gives us the opportunity to have economy of scale. We spend most of our time working very hard to get the individual correct, so we want to make sure we get travel experiences that are wonderful for our Owner every single time and we do that by investing in new aircraft and in people and making sure that when people travel they know they’re flying with NetJets.”

He continued: “We have new aircraft, part of our Signature Series we’re introducing. We’ve got a number of them already in service in Europe and the United States and that are bespoke to NetJets with a number of features which I think work very well to make a journey that bit nicer when people are flying with us.”

You can watch the full video interview with Mark Wilson above this article.

By Paul Joseph