Maserati Opens Doors to its Innovation Lab

By Paul Joseph

For the first time in its illustrious history, luxury Italian carmaker Maserati has opened the doors of its Innovation Lab to offer an exclusive look behind the scenes into the heart of the brand’s innovation and development.

The Brand’s engineering hub, inaugurated in 2015 and located in the Italian city of Modena, is for the first time sharing with the outside world its role in driving research technology, development and planning.

The Innovation Lab is a state-of-the-art facility where the cars of today and tomorrow are developed, and is split into three distinct areas: the Static Simulator, the latest generation Dynamic Simulator featuring DiM (Driver-in-Motion) technology, and the “User eXperience” development labs.

The Static Simulator is composed of a cockpit, three projectors and high computational power, and is a is designed to help engineers obtain immediate feedback from the driver, and make a major contribution to new Maserati models.

The Dynamic Simulator features the latest generation DiM (Driver-in-Motion) technology. With various directions of movement, it generates an effective driving experience, emulating in a virtual environment the driving dynamics of a car in the real world on a wide variety of road surfaces or contexts, including the world's top international racing circuits.

The simulator makes it possible to test cars on various racetracks on the same day, and allows modifications to the vehicle to be made with a few simple clicks.

Finally, the “User eXperience” development labs are fundamental in the design of the human-machine interfaces, one of the major challenges of Maserati development projects.

The Maserati driver simulator hub includes a lab dedicated to vehicle ergonomics, enabling accurate reproduction of driving posture, visibility and interactions with the on-board controls and displays, and where the vehicle under development can be driven in any scenario with total realism.

The Maserati Innovation lab will be open to the public for a limited time only.

By Paul Joseph