Match your Little Car to your Superyacht

By Christina Tsangaris

The Little Car Company prides itself on creating beautiful vehicles that allow the joy of driving to be shared across generations. The added value? Your ability to customise your vehicle, matching it with your superyacht. With unlimited imagination and supreme luxury, we discuss the customisation process for the junior electric cars that are here to drive the automotive industry into a new era…

When it comes to matching your Little Car Company vehicle to your superyacht, walk us through the customisation process?

Here at The Little Car Company, clients have total creative license with the designs of their vehicles and are limited only by their imaginations. Through our dedicated Bespoke Division, our Design Team are on hand to work with each client to help design their distinctive dream car. Our team will discuss any ideas or inspiration at the configuration stage, and where needed, bring in our team of talented engineers to help create something truly unique. Should our clients already have a specific design in mind, we are here to make it happen.

How involved can owners become in their design, is this a collaborative process? 

Absolutely. Some owners have vague ideas that we can develop into a reality, whilst others love to be involved in the detail. We guide the owners through each stage of the customisation process so that no detail is forgotten. This is individualisation at its finest.

What kind of personalisation is on offer? 

With individualised chassis plaques added to each of our limited-edition cars, each vehicle  is already one of a kind. That said, some clients look to add that extra personal touch. In the past, we’ve done everything from painting a child’s name onto the tail of the car to engraving a loved one’s birthday into the chassis plate. We can incorporate company logos, stitch initials into leather seats, create bespoke wheel hub caps - the sky really is the limit.

What is the timeline for customising your Little Car Company vehicle? 

Our Design Team work directly with the client to ensure they are happy with every inch of their car, meaning the timeline for customisation is therefore dependent on the scope of personalisation required. For example, bespoke body paint is unlikely to affect the build time, whilst a heavily customised car may add circa. 8 weeks onto the completion date. From the beginning of the design process, the client is made aware of the projected lead time and is kept well informed throughout the build of their car.

Have you had any customisation requests and if so, what are they? 

We love helping our clients make the cars unmistakably theirs and bring their vision to life. From painting unique Art Deco designs onto the entire car, to engraving a favourite animal on the inside of the door, we really have had some creative customisation requests. Matching a car to a clients favourite designer handbag and creating an entirely mirrored bodywork are just two examples of the requests we are working on at the moment. We can’t wait to see these creations out in the world shortly, to be treasured for years to come.

By Christina Tsangaris