Maybach Launch Armoured Limousine

By P. Joseph

Luxury car maker Maybach have launched an armoured limousine capable of withstanding attacks from crowbars or handgun bullets.

The Maybach 62 Guard has been reinforced with steel and high-strength synthetic fibre,offering a defence against blunt instrument or handguns up to .44 caliber at point-blank range.

Based on the Maybach 62 Sedan, the new model boasts 900 pounds of additional reinforcement, whilst adding just 895 pounds of additional weight.

Reinforced steel has been built into the car’s roof, rear wall, firewall, doors and floor, whilst Kevlar blankets, similar to those used in body armour, have been incorporated to absorb bullets that pass through the steel.

There is also a special alarm system, including alarm activation buttons at every seat, along with an intercom system to allow communication with people outside the vehicle without opening a window.

The Guard can hit top speeds of 155mph and goes from 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds.

As an added bonus, Maybach claims that since the base was already designed for the extra weight of the vehicle, no changes have been made to the drive train, suspension or breaking-system, ensuring no decline in performance.


By P. Joseph