MB&F Create Horological Machine 6 “Space Pirate”

By Paul Joseph

Innovative Swiss watch makers MB&F have unveiled their latest creation, the limited edition Horological Machine 6 “Space Pirate”.

Limited to just50 units, the watch was inspired by an animated science fiction series called ‘Captain Future’ and borrows design elements from several previous MB&F pieces.

The most striking feature is its five “dials”, with two sapphire domes housing the hour and minute indicators, two housing dampening turbines for the winding rotor, and a central dome housing a flying touribllon with a retractable UV shield.

Other notable components include a case made from two chunks of milled titanium that require about 100 hours of polishing and brushing

The Horological Machine 6 “Space Pirate” is available priced at $230,000 and is currently on display at the 2014 Salon QP watch fair in London which closes on Friday.

MB&F was founded by Maximilian Büsser in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2005.

By Paul Joseph