Meet the Supercar Capsule that’s not your average Parking Garage

By Paul Joseph

Dubai-based company Superfuturedesign has created an innovative parking solution for supercars owners across the world.

Called the Supercar Capsule, the concept is already said to have been installed in over 400 locations across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Each unit is bespoke and designed according to the needs of the architectural layout of the home and can be set as an individual unit or stacked vertically to accommodate more than one car.

“One of the models involves creating a new capsule to merge with the home’s interior,” the company says.

“This will incorporate the garage with existing rooms, in which a simple wall will transform into a bespoke exhibition for your statement piece.

“It allows guests and visitors to appreciate and admire your supercar without having to take them to the garage – your car becomes a part of the interior décor.”

Pricing for the Supercar Capsule varies according to the specific customisation requirements of the customer.   

By Paul Joseph