Mercedes to Present SUV Concept at LA Auto Show

By Paul Joseph

German luxury car brand is to showcase its new futuristic SUV concept, the Ener-G-Force, at next week’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

The sports utility vehicle will feature as part of the show’s Design Challenge segment, that provides a platform for automotive designers to present innovative new car designs.

Boasting a 500 mile range, the Ener-G-Force features a hydrogen fuel cell system that generates fuel from recycled water stored in rooftop tanks and sends power to the motors located in the wheel hubs.

Another notable feature includes the car’s roof rack which contains a topography sensor that scans the surroundings to adapt the suspension to different terrains.

Industry experts also believe the concept car may give an indication as to the future characteristics of the next generation of Mercedes's iconic G-class.

The 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show will be held from November 30 - December 9.

By Paul Joseph