Meridian Adventure SAIL Launches Private Explorers Club

By Paul Joseph

One of the most notable travel trends of recent years has been a growing demand for new and unique experiences that take adventure-seekers beyond the well-trodden tourist paths.

In the world of sailing, one company to have responsed to this trend is Meridian Adventure SAIL, which bills itself as a 'private explorers' club that offers a combination of novelty adventure in exotic and often unexplored climes and all of the lavish services and amenities of bespoke yacht adventures. 

We caught up with Sean Galleymore, founder and CEO of Meridian Adventure SAIL to find out more about the company and how it is pushing the boundaries of luxury yachting.

SY: Can you start by giving us a brief introduction to Meridian Adventure SAIL and the services you provide?

SG:Meridian Adventure SAIL is a new, ultra-exclusive private explorers club creating tailor-made voyages in the world’s most remote and unspoilt ocean locations. We operate a fleet of six sailing catamarans. Each journey is uniquely tailored to a group voyage, whether a multigenerational family adventure, a special celebration or a corporate getaway for up to 32 guests. The fleet, boasts up to 24 exceptionally trained crew, who are on hand throughout the journey, with a support vessel, high-tech dive boats, seated tour boats and dive masters.

“A wide range of activities are included in the voyage, from top-of-the range diving equipment and custom high-speed dive-boats, scuba diving, paddle boards and rocket wake surf boards to Seabobs and fishing gear.

“All cabins are fully serviced with an impeccable food and wine offering and every voyage includes a dedicated photography crew that equips you with videos and photo book keepsakes after your trip.”

Do you have your own fleet of catamarans or are they leased from charter companies?

“Meridian Adventure SAIL owns its own vessels: six in the South West Pacific where our Ocean Journeys are currently focused and two in Izmir in Turkey, which is where the Meridian Adventure Cadet Training takes place. We are not a charter company, nor do we charter, instead our focus is on creating highly curated ocean journeys on our own vessels that are unforgettable for club members.”  

What are some of your most popular destinations and do you have any plans to add any more to your roster?

“For 2020 the fleet will be based in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, an epicentre of unspoilt natural beauty, coral and marine diversity with its thousands of isles, pristine water and rugged landscape. Meridian Adventure SAIL also has experience of providing bespoke private journeys as far afield as Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea as well as places like Turkey and Greece.”

Can you describe the structure of the company - do you have staff in every destination you serve?

“Our fleet and crew move with the vessels according to each journey. The Meridian Adventure SAIL crew is highly trained having undertaken a 21-month training programme which starts at the Meridian Adventure Academy in Turkey. Here they hone their skills to deliver everything from service excellence to navigation.”

How about the booking process - how does this work and what level of service is provided after a client has made a booking?

“Meridian Adventure SAIL does not provide cookie-cutter itineraries. We firmly believe that those with curious spirits seek out authentic adventures and an element of surprise. We curate the “Un-Itinerary” – an experiential journey full of ocean activities exploring remote and pristine parts of the world. Every voyage is a true adventure as our guests set sail in search of a wonderland of ocean experiences determined by the wind and migratory patterns of ocean life.

“After booking dates have been agreed, each journey is custom built according to exact tidal streams and current set and drift. This allows for accurate planning as well as the best opportunity to account for forecasted weather conditions and wildlife migratory patterns.

“Meridian Adventure Sail operates as a Private Club where one will need to be join up or be part of a club, to embark on a voyage. From there, it’s as easy as telling us your dates, share as much about your passion points (fascination with ocean conservation, love of outdoors, history & storytelling of the region) and the names of your guests and we do the rest. We have one of the most advanced booking systems which also shows your entire voyage from start to finish in the Private Club application as well as visually tracks your entire journey on a geo-tagged map and loads the film we create of your ocean voyage."

How would you describe your clientele - where do they hail from and what kind of profile do they have in terms of age, professions, aspirations, etc?

“Our Private Explorers Club Members include HNW clients and Fortune 500 companies driven by a pioneering spirit and a passion for experiencing and protecting the ocean. We work directly with private offices of discerning clients as well as leading travel designers and specialist concierge groups focused on travel experiences.”

Finally, I understand you place a strong focus on educating people about ocean preservation - what measures do you take to do this?

“For us, leaving a limited footprint is critical. The environmentally friendly ethos means sailing from place to place pushed by mother nature. Semi-custom built, the Meridian Adventure 62’ Catamaran delivers a smooth sailing experience from the stability of its two hulls. Low-emissions allow low-impact navigation of hidden coves and sails are raised at every possible opportunity to allow the catamaran to glide with silent ease.

“Our clients are passionate about seeing and exploring the last frontiers of the ocean. Our meaningful journeys immerse our guests in nature in order to educate, appreciate and respect our human role as custodian of the oceans. We integrate this as much as clients wish to into their journey: we believe seeing the sea in its pristine state also speaks for itself about the desperate state of the ocean. Passionate ocean conservation advocates can learn about our programs or even become involved upon requests.

“Meridian Adventure SAIL supports a variety of marine and wildlife conservation charities around the world.”

By Paul Joseph