Michael Reslan Boutique Offers Luxury Atelier Service

By P. Joseph

Since opening his first dedicated store last year, a lavish penthouse boutique high above
New York’s Fifth Avenue, Michael Reslan has gone from strength to strength.

The boutique’s prestigious location has contributed to its growing reputation as an oasis where clients can retreat and enjoy a level of pampering unparalleled across the bespoke retail industry.

A high-end atelier, who fled his native Lebanon for Oman during the 1976 civil war before emigrating to the United States, Mr Reslan is renowned for the care and attention he bestows upon his sizeable clientele – which includes some of the biggest power players from the business world.

The goods on display, from bespoke suits to ties and cuff links, carry his own label, MR, and are sourced from leading Italian manufacturers with whom Mr Reslan has long-standing relationships. One such craftsman, Silvano Lattanzi, has even created a private line of footwear exclusively for him.

For suit buyers, Mr Reslan is available to recommend certain styles, like his two-button, double-vent suits in Super 150 fabrics, which retail upwards of $3,500. Indeed, a large part of the shopping experience at his boutique is spending time with Mr Reslan.

“In the business world, people seek out my clients for months just to meet with them at their offices for fifteen minutes,” Mr Reslan told Departures magazine in an interview last November.

“Yet when they come here, they sit with me for two hours. Ten hours.”

Michael Reslan is available by appointment only at 689 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan.

By P. Joseph