Mobiado Introduces Professional GCB Luxury Gold Phone

By Paul Joseph

Luxury phone makers Mobiado have created their latest lavish handset, the Professional 3 GCB.

Carved from solid brass and coated with 24-karat gold, the phone pays tribute to horological traditions with a contemporary interpretation of a time-honoured decorative skill known as guilloche.

Dating back to the 16th century, guilloche involves of decorating an object with engraved and intersecting patterns. The brilliance of the incision in precious metals produces an intricate decorative effect.

In addition to the phone’s decadent design, notable functions include a 2.4” QVGA display, expandable microSD memory, camera and video camera, web browser, bluetooth 3.0, email support, and a music player.

In 2013, Mobiado created a new range of lavish handsets called the Professional 3AF, each boasting a CNC machined anodized aluminium body and large sapphire crystal plates.

Mobiado was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2004.

By Paul Joseph