Montblanc Offers “Virtual” Exhibition at Harrods

By Paul Joseph

Luxury retailers are increasingly thinking of new and innovative ways to enhance the experience for prospective customers visiting their bricks and mortar stores.

Montblanc, the German luxury goods brand, is the latest to offer visitors “augmented reality”, allowing them to view items using their smartphone or tablet in a “virtual” store at Harrods in west London.

The store features a range of art and exclusive pieces from the brand’s “Montblanc Cutting Edge Art Collection” permanent exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.

Visitors can view the exhibition by simply pointing their smartphone or tablet at a specific image displayed in one of the Montblanc Harrods windows.

Within the virtual store, Harrods is selling four exclusive products from Montblanc, including writing instruments, watches and haute joaillerie items.

The Montblanc Cutting Edge Art Collection runs until November 24th.

By Paul Joseph