Montblanc Unveil Personal Coded Ink

By B. Roberts

Montblanc have recently launched an accessory of such individuality any high net worth individual can not be without. An individually coded ink to prevent fraudulent signatures.

Recently launched in Dubai, Montblanc have introduced personal coded ink, an ink that prevents false signatures with its own unique botanical ingredient.

Jean Marc Pontrue, Montblanc Executive Vice President for product strategies and development, says the personal code ink is comprised of components containing an invisible, inimitable botanical code, which is similar to the human DNA code. Montblanc will authenticate the personal code ink through forensic tests to see if it is infact the owner's coded ink.

“Only one person will own this ink - you,” said Pontrue, stating that this revolutionary ink is “matchless” and as “individual” as a fingerprint.

The personal code ink is encased in a sophisticated and professional black lacquer chest with two Personal Code Ink Meisterstück writing instruments. Held in a black calfskin pouch are the Meisterstück Signature Pen and the Meisterstück Solitaire Barley Rollerball.

The Meisterstück Signature Pen is made of perfectly smooth and
timeless black resin with gold-plated fittings, including the distinctive Montblanc clip and three rings at its centre.

On the sister pen, the Platinum hued Rollerball, the Montblanc emblem is made of mother-of-pearl with the clip decorated with a brilliant-cut diamond.

Ten Personal Code Ink refills are included with the Montblanc Personal Code Ink set.

By B. Roberts