My Vintage Academy on the China Rendez-Vous’ Inaugural Italian Pavilion

By Paul Joseph

This year’s China Rendez-Vous, which took place in Sanya, last week was notable for a number of new addition to previous editions.

Among these was the creation of an Italian Pavilion which hosted an array of luxury brands hailing from Italy and all vying to tap into the lucrative Chinese market.

One company exhibiting in the pavilion was My Vintage Academy, which describes itself as an “Incubator of Italian creativity that looks to the future.”

We spoke with Barbara Ricchi, Managing Director of My Vintage Academy, during the show to learn more about her company and its role at the China Rendez-Vous as well as her thoughts on the evolution of the Chinese luxury consumer.

“My Vintage Academy is a company born four years ago,” she explained, “and I would like to take here a group of Italian artisan crafts of the Italian luxury lifestyle in the Italian Pavilion at the Rendez-Vous.

“Together there are many companies and all the companies make luxury. Everybody works for some brand, like me, because in Tuscany I have my company Giorgio Lina and working in a leather goods and handbags, for the big brand names of the world.

“The other companies make the same as my work, they work for the big brand names but this time in China we would like to give a new demonstration to make something customised, something for the special client, wanting to see the difference.”

You can watch the full video interview with Barbara Ricchi above this article.

By Paul Joseph