MYS 19: Aqun Jewellery Merges Tradition with Innovation

By Paul Joseph

In many ways the world of jewellery is deeply rooted in the past, but there remain a handful of brands keen to push the boundaries and create trinkets that are imbued with modern materials and technology.

Among them is Aqun, who were in attendance at the recent Monaco Yacht Show, which gave us a chance to sit down with the brand’s CEO, Julian Saija, to find out more.

“Aqun is a brand in the jewellery market that is creating a synergy between tradition and innovation,” he began.

“Working together with German Frers, one of the world’s best superyacht designers, we are linking traditional materials from materials taken from the heritage of fine yachting such as carbon fibre, linking those two worlds together and making this project called Aqun that we are presenting this year in the Monaco Yacht Show.

“I was looking for a gift for my father four years ago and was looking for something classy, maybe cufflinks with gold, and I was sure I’d find something in the market from one of the big brands, but nothing.

“I started thinking by myself maybe we should do something because there is a demand - I’m not the only one asking for something like that. So I got in touch with German Frers and we started developing this project for three years and now we’re here.”

Taking the chance to view Aqun’s precious pieces at close quarters, we can attest to the ingenuity that has gone in to their creation.

By Paul Joseph