MYS 19: Get Accessorised with Champagne De Watère

By Paul Joseph

It’s a fairly unusual trajectory for a champagne brand to take, but Martin Konorza, owner of Champagne De Watère, was never one for following trends.

The entrepreneur has long since built De Watère into the bubbles of choice for discerning drinkers across the world, and now he has turned his hand to high-end lifestyle accessories.

We caught up with Mr Konorza at the Monaco Yacht Show to find out more about this diversification into the lifestyle sector.

“Today it’s all about enjoying the now and living the moment and we are here to support our customers,” he said. “First we started off with champagne for the special moments and now we’re venturing more into the lifestyle area as I always wanted to do anyway.  

“There’s a weekender bag for the trip you’ve always wanted to take, and then we have these hooded jackets for those cool summer nights when you’re sitting, for example, on your superyacht.

“I want to help people enjoy their moments, their lives, and to help them focus on what’s important in their lives. Not the products around them but the people who they spend time with.”

One thing is certain, if his accessories are as big a hit as champagne, he’ll have performed yet another grand service for those people for whom he has made it his life’s work to help.

By Paul Joseph