MYS 19: Hanbury Tenison Goes Beyond Bespoke

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

Sponsors of this year’s Breaking News Centre and artisans of bespoke, Hanbury Tenison visited our interview studio earlier today to discuss their latest range of products, set to take the meaning of the word bespoke to another level.

Speaking with Founders Stephen Bywater and Diane Bellamy we found out everything there is to know about designing luxury products for a discerning audience. We first learned about the gruelling process involved in creating the individually designed and lovingly manufactured products.

"Everything starts as a design on a piece of paper," Diane begins, "It is then developed further, we source materials, get samples, sit with the client if there is a client at that stage. If not, we bespoke the spec ourselves as to what we think we'd like to portray the goods to be."

The brand’s current range includes picnic boxes, poker boxes, humidors, watch boxes and jewellery boxes, each carefully developed by master craftsmen. 

The future for Hanbury Tenison? Creating new products: ones which will no doubt be even more bespoke than the last. 

By Rose-Hannah Lishman