MYS 19: The Bahamas Bounces Back from Tragedy

By Paul Joseph

There was no escaping the spectre of Hurricane Dorian as we sat down with representatives from the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism at the recent Monaco Yacht

Damage done to the country continues to take its toll, but the Monaco event gave us the chance to hear about the positivity and optimism that continues to imbue everyone who hails from those beautiful Caribbean islands.

“The northern islands were hit very hard but at the end of the day the southern 90% of the Bahamas are perfectly fine and didn’t have even one single incident,” Anthony Stuart began by telling us on the docks of Port Hercules.

“You know the good thing is, and what yachters love about the Bahamas is the fact that there are so many diverse islands of waters, which remain unchanged despite what the hurricane has done to our beautiful country,” added Carla Stuart.

“So the people are still beautiful, lovely and they are willing to receive people and show them a really good time in the Bahamas, but sites and scenes around the Bahamas remain unchanged for the most part, so we’re just looking forward to a great season going forward.”

Everyone who has ever visited this most stunning part of the world will be hoping that the Bahamas returns to its former glory as soon as possible.

By Paul Joseph