MYS 19: Ulysse Nardin Offer Time & Luxury in Perfect Synchronicity

By Paul Joseph

Not just one of the most historic watchmakers in the world, Ulysse Nardin are also one of the most prolific, unveiling several new timepieces every year.

And so it was little surprise for the Swiss brand to rock up to the Monaco Yacht show with a whole host of new launches in tow.

We caught up with Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Ulysse Nardin to find out more about the brand’s rich heritage, the enduring quality of its horological creations, and the secrets of its longevity and success.

We began by asking Mr Pruniax about how and why he thinks Ulysse Nardin has become indelibly linked with luxury.

“I guess probably through first our very rare quality,” he said. I think the founders of the company more than 170 years ago set a very high standard and I always had a very relentless quest for quality and innovation and also being able to measure time with the highest level of accuracy.

“When you look at luxury, it often originates from original ideas and genuineness and very high quality and I think that’s what we stand for. You stat there by innovating and obviously by staying true to our tradition and your expertise in watchmaking.”

Judging by the number of visitors flocking to see their new launches at MYS 2019, there's no sign of those innovative ideas drying up any time soon.

By Paul Joseph