MYS 2012: Interview with Esther Van Overbeek of Vira Wines

By Paul Joseph

Monaco-based wine specialists Vira are more than just connoisseurs. Far removed from your traditional wine merchant, they are positively evangelical in their ambitions to educate people that wine is about far more than a price tag.

From their base in the French principality, they run a comprehensive wine merchant and wine tasting service, visiting exclusive and private groups in homes, parties, on yachts or in work environments.

Here they offer guests some of the world’s rarest and most sought-after wines, all the while teaching them how to understand savour the experience of a great wine.

If that’s not all, Vira also create truly stunning bespoke wine cellars. And it was this side of the business that was the focus of attention when sat down with Esther Van Overbeek of Vira at last week’s Monaco Yacht Show.

“Our custom made wine cellars respect all of the conditions required for perfect wine conservation,” she said.

“The temperature and humidity is managed by a specific air conditioning dedicated to wine. All of our wine cellars are aesthetical, practical and they can store all types of bottles, every size.”

She continued: “Most of the wine cellars are made of wood, but we can use some materials as stainless steel and plexiglass…”

You can view the full video interview with Esther Van Overbeek of Vira above this article.

By Paul Joseph