MYS 2012: Interview with Giles Hannah, Managing Director of Vanhan

By Paul Joseph

London is home to one of the world’s prime real estate markets – and in spite of the global economic climate it continues to attract big hitters drawn by the bright lights and potential of the enduringly iconic capital. sat down with Giles Hannah, Managing Director of London-based property advisory Vanhan, at the Monaco Yacht Show, to discuss his company’s services, the continued resilience of the premium London market, and city's most desirable locations.

“Vanhan is a brand new prime Central London property advisory,” he told Shari Liu,'s luxury director.

“We look after the top end of the prime London market. We buy properties for clients, we also sell properties for clients, and we also develop properties with our partners and then market those.”

So how is the London property market looking right now?

“It’s a fascinating market,” he said. “There’s still pockets of the world, despite the economic climate, that are still really performing well.

“We’ve been fortunate with Vanhan to do three deals already in the last four months, and we’re getting coverage very similar to that of the superyacht world in terms of the client base of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.”

And where are the most desirable locations in London to live right now?

“I think probably at the moment there’s two particularly strong locations,” he said. “There’s Knightsbridge with developments such as the Bulgari apartment located above the hotel there, I think that’s a really great place to be.

“Also Kensington Palace Gardens – or KPG as it’s known. There’s properties at the moment there between £100 and 160 million for 20,000 square foot houses and they’re probably the most impressive on the market.”

Is there anything else Mr Hannah would like people to know about Vanhan?

“If you’re looking for a London property,” he said. “Or if you’re looking to buy or sell a London property and you’re looking for a good service and knowledge, then Vanhan is going to be a good point of call for you and we look forward to working for you.”

By Paul Joseph