MYS 2012: Interview with Michael Blank of MIDAS

By Paul Joseph

Whether it be new products, trends or ways to reach key demographics, the world of jewellery is always seeking new and innovative routes to success.

One organisation attempting to push the boundaries is MIDAS, which stands for Monaco International Diamond Auction Society.

Just two years old, MIDAS was created to bring unique diamonds, both coloured and colourless, as well as other unique jewellery, to discerning collectors and investors. sat down with Midas co-founder Michael Blank at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show to discuss the concept.

He began by explaining why Monaco was chosen as the destination for their unique project.

“Look around,” he laughed. “Monaco is known for luxury, Monaco is known for safety, Monaco is the epicentre of Europe.”

You can see the full video interview with Mr Blank above this article.

By Paul Joseph