MYS 2012: The FlyBoard Takes Monaco by Storm

By Paul Joseph

Amongst all of the incredible superyachts on display at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show has been something smaller, but no less eye-catching.

The FlyBoard is a jetpack attached to a jet-ski by a long chord that allows propulsion both underwater and in the air for one or two pilots at a time.

Created by multiple prize-winning racer Francky Zapata, the FlyBoard allows pilots to enjoy the sensation of flying through the air and into the water, almost like a dolphin.

The nozzles under your feet provide most of the propulsion whilst the rest of your movement comes from tilting your feet in any direction you wish.

It is a truly remarkable toy, which has unquestionably been one of the highlights of this year’s show, and its demonstrations out at sea have provided some of the most stunning footage of the past four days.

Let FlyBoard speak for itself by viewing it in its full glory above this article, including an exclusive interview with its creator Mr Zapata.

By Paul Joseph