MYS 2013: Interview with Alex Isaac, Creative Director at Linley

By Paul Joseph

One of the world’s most distinguished furniture makers, Linley are approaching the year of their 30th anniversary with more ambition than ever.

Renowned for their intricate craftsmanship, the London-based company has already had substantial success attracting interest from the superyacht world, and is now striving to make even further inroads into the yacht industry.

Indeed, when Alex Isaac, Creative Director at Linley, sat down with us at the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show – where Linley were exhibiting for the first time – he revealed that an impressive 30% of the brand’s commissions are now for yacht interior pieces.

“Yachting always challenges convention and allows you to design without constraints,” he told us in an exclusive interview at’s Breaking News Centre. “And whereas you may be a bit safer in, say, the residential market, you’ve probably got less budget to play with.

“Yachting is open boundaries and working with yacht designers, you discover they have amazing ideas, and we’re here to support those ideas and develop them into pieces of furniture that can be made by us, So hopefully yacht designers can lean on us to actually turn their dreams into reality.”

You can watch the full video interview with Alex Isaac above this article.

By Paul Joseph