MYS 2013: Interview with Sacha Lichine of Château d'Esclans

By Paul Joseph

For many, rosé wine is synonymous with summertime and yachting on the French Riviera. So it was apt that we sat down with Sacha Lichine of Château d'Esclans at the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show to discuss what makes his wine so special.

“We felt this Rosé trend happening a bit and we wanted to try to make a real wine,” he said, “Rosé was always very cheap and cheerful, it was never really taken so seriously, and we felt there was a sort of boom being created.

“Actually the English women in particular were the ones that started to put it on the map, because they’d come down to the Riviera and it was pretty in the glass and pretty in the pink.

He continued: “Rosé champagne has helped the category quite a bit, because if you think of it 25 years ago it was non-existent, and now it is more expensive than white champagne.

“So we developed these four different products – a bit of a champagne marketing approach – and we did some research on what people drink on these megayachts and we’re actually quite pleased because we’re getting a lot of requests from these yacht builders now who have asked us for the design of this 3-litre to make sure the refrigerator can fit the bottle.”

You can watch the full video interview with Sacha Lichine above.

By Paul Joseph