MYS 2018: Crown of Light on Blazing a Trail in Monaco

By Paul Joseph

The first diamond brand to ever exhibit at the Monaco Yacht Show, Crown of Light arrived on the docks of Port Hercules as trailblazers in more ways than one.

Not only have they created a notable new landmark for MYS, but they also brought with them what is said to be the world’s most sparkly diamond for good measure.

We sat down with Albert Gad, CEO and President of Diamonds International, the retailer for Crown of Light, to learn more about the brand, the dazzling jewellery they’ve created, their plans to create jewellery trunk shows aboard superyachts, and the ‘Mine to Market’ concept that underpins their operations.

“It’s amazing to be here,” he starts by telling us. “We’ve always wanted to get more involved with yachting, so this is a great opportunity for us.

“We’re in all the islands right now, and wherever a superyacht goes you’ll find Diamonds International. So we’ve catered for the cruise industry but now we’re going more upscale, more luxury, and for that we came up with a whole plan to cater to the mega yacht community.

"It’s part of the concept where we’re creating trunk shows that will allow us to come out to your yacht, if you book an appointment, and we’ll arrange to show you the pieces.”

But to get to the nub of the matter, what can he tell us about the beautiful diamonds he has on show for us?

“Crown of Light is a patented diamond that has 90 facets," he says. "A regular diamond has 60 facets and is flat on top. This has a dome on top which create the most sparkle ever seen in a diamond. It weighs 18.22 carats.”

Finally, Mr Gad elaborated on the company’s Mine to Market concept, explaining, “Diamonds International is a vertical integrated company, and what that means is that we’re site holders of De Beers, the largest mining company in the world.

“We cut our diamonds in Namibia, Africa, and once they’re cut they’re sent to our offices in New York where we design the jewellery. Once it’s designed it goes out to our factories in the Far East, where it’s manufactured. It then comes back and we develop our marketing campaign, price the jewellery, and then ship it to all of our shops in the Caribbean, thereby supplying directly to the consumer. Mine to market!”

By Paul Joseph