MYS 2018: Scotland Nautique on the World’s Best Watersports Boats

By Paul Joseph

On occasions such as the Monaco Yacht Show, it is the superyachts themselves that inevitably take centre stage. Yet trailing not far behind in the limelight are the array of tenders and toys on the market designed to augment the yachting experience.

Among the companies in attendance in Monaco this year who have been behind some of the finest products of this kind on the market were Scotland Nautique, who have teamed up with Superyacht Tenders & Toys to create what they claim are the world’s finest watersports boats.

Speaking to us at the show, Matt Crowhurst from Scotland Nautique, said:  “Superyacht Tenders & Toys is a premium supplier of all the fun things you have on your superyacht and we’ve joined forces with them over the past couple of years as their premium supplier of the best turbo watersports boats in the world.

“So looking after all the fun you can have out behind your boat, such as water skiing, wake boading and wake surfing ,and the big pull at the moment in the superyacht market is for a lot of the owners and guests who are loving the wake surfing element, for which we make the very best boats."

One of their latest products being showcased in Monaco was a luxury dayboat – so what can Matt tell us about that?

“Nautique have been making these very high end, very watersports specific boats for decades now and the market is very much for lake-based activities,” he said. “But as the sport has grown there are different disciplines you can play around with. So the market for the open-sea faring activities has opened up and these incredible beasts of machines that are these new wake surfing boats have been created.

“And Nautique are the best – I can say it, I’m biased – at producing these boats that are great for spending a day in, great for shore and bay hopping and the best for playing out behind."

So given that Matt presumably spends a fair bit of time in the water testing such products, what would he say is his favourite toy?

“I’ve been lucky enough to play around with a few of them,” he said after pausing to consider his options. “I’ve been lucky enough to be on a few yachts where we’re supplying the yachts and offering trainingfor the crew and guests, and my particular favourite out of the range is probably the Nautique G23.”

By Paul Joseph